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Here is a little about me.

First of all another embarrassing photo!

I have just finished my A levels. My favourite subject was Art.

Travelling in style to our leavers ball this summer.

I was born in Manchester England in 1983 and moved to Hartford in Cheshire (about 15 miles from Chester) in 1990 at the age of 7. I have one brother, Jonny, who is two year younger than me.

And here is my best friend Jennie

Jen is also currently on a gap year. She has been  working with young people in a church in Annapolis, near Washington DC, USA.

I have a place at Reading University for October 2002 to do a BA with QTS for primary school teaching specialising in Art.  I love working with children.

Here is a piece of artwork I did for my A level.

Jenny Hannah John 1.jpg (152769 bytes)

(click the photo to see a larger version)

On the left is my cousin Jenny with my cousin Hannah on her knee. On the right is my uncle John, Hannah's dad.