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This page is regularly updated with all the latest news. Call back soon!

21/06/02 Home sweet home

Lexi and I flew back to the UK today. The flights went very smoothly and both were exactly on time. I had to say goodbye to Lexi at Heathrow where she was met by her family (strange to be separated from her after six months of being together every single day!). I was met at Manchester airport by Mum and Dad and, to my surprise my Grandma and Granddad were there as well! Once I have had a chance to unpack I will update this site with more detailed news and impressions of my time away. Thanks for your interest. Call back soon!


18/06/02 Safely back in Addis

We arrived back in Addis today having had a great time in Kenya. More news on that later. We fly home on Friday!!!


04/06/02 Now in Nairobi

Lexi and I have arrived safely into Nairobi.  A friend of Lexi's family collected us from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and brought us to the home of Yeen-Lan, a friend of my Mum's. We have had a wonderful home-cooked meal and are excited about all we will be to doing over the next few days. Yeen-Lan is going to take us to the Ethiopian Embassy first thing in the morning to apply for our visa for when we return to Addis Ababa in a couple of weeks time.


03/05/02 Now in Addis

I have left Jimma and arrived safely in Addis Ababa. We fly to Nairobi tomorrow. After four days in Nairobi we will be going to Mombassa, to the "seaside"!


28/05/02 Our last week in Jimma

We will be going to Kenya  on 1st June so this is our last week in Jimma and we have already started packing. We hope to visit various friends and see something of Kenya until 21st June when we return to the UK.


17/05/02 Still having a great time!

We had a lot of fun this morning at 'Compassion' (the Kindergarten school) trying to get 15 kids who don't speak our language to do collage! I loved it!

Click here to see a recent photo.


17/05/02 More prayer please

Right, I'm emailing now while the computer is behaving and we have electricity.  I think the computer's on it's way out.  It keeps throwing up 'Illegal Operation signs every few seconds. 


Anyway here are some prayer requests:

* Praise God for his continuing faithfulness and the way he is teaching me grow to in my faith.

* Thank him that he is giving us wisdom in our relationships, especially with the girls.

* Please pray that we keep up our studies in Amharic even though we are nearing the end of our time here.

* Please pray that we would have safe travel in the month to come.


11/05/02  More fascinating experiences and a prayer request

 We have been without electricity and water for the last two days!  It was nice to have so many emails when the power came back.


 I just can't believe how little time we have left here.  Every day I still see things that I never want to forget.  This morning we made those twirl snakes with the compassion kids, you know where you cut a circle into a spiral.  They couldn't believe what they were seeing when you lifted up the end of it and it all spiralled down!!  I won't forget the shrieks of laughter and smiles followed by the fascination with pencil crayons!  Such simple things....again it makes you think.


 Our relationships with the girls in the area are still growing and they are all coming this afternoon. I think we're going to make pasta necklaces with them.  We're already done things like Easter cards and modelling balloons. They love to come and we have to set times for them to come or they'd live here.


 Amharic is still on the up.  I feel quite comfortable with it now!!  A few days ago Lexi and I bought Amharic and English New Testaments!!  O.K. so we don't understand hardly a word of it but we are determined to have the Lord's prayer at least partially learnt in Amharic before we leave.  It's wonderful and such an eye opener to see how they have culturally translated it.  Instead of 'Give us today our daily bread," it says, "Give us today our daily injera," !!!!  Great huh?!  I love it!


 P.S.  Please pray that I stay disciplined in my quiet times.  I am so easily distracted.


08/05/02  Only have six more weeks till we come home

We have two more weeks of teaching in Jimma. After that we go on the Home Schooling retreat in the north east of the country. At that point our  visas will have expired and we will be leaving the country for the last three weeks. Still don't know where we will be going - watch this space!


06/05/02  News dated 23/04/02 but only just received via postcard.

Had a great time on holiday. God kept us safe and well. We rode mules up a mountain to visit an ancient monastery hewn in the rock face. It was a really amazing opportunity! At 3,200 metres up there was a great view! We also visited the 11 churches said to have been carved out of the rocks by King Lalibella himself. They are very impressive as you can see if you look here.

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